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altProduction of wood pellets as a fuel of the future , is another step in the use of renewable energy . Pellets as a biological energy source is characterized by a high coefficient of efficiency in the use of the pellet is different from other energy sources at low emission of combustible products.

Pellet production is a technological process of pressing chopped dried wood without additives.

Pellets of the materials in comparison to other energy suitable for the storage, preservation and use alone . It can be said that the use of pellets in addition to providing comfort , is also the model for saving heating .

2 kg of pellets ≈ 1 liter of heating oil ;

1.85 kg of pellets ≈ 1 m³ of natural gas;

650 kg of pellets takes 1 m³ of space;

3 m³ pellet ≈ 1000 lit fuel oil ;

Pellet consumption 1 kg / h ≈ 5 kW of power .

Production of pellets ŠpikFire in our factory in Ivanjici , started 03.09.2012 . year. Capacity of pellet production of over 7 tons per hour guaranteed always use fresh wood without the presence of decay which provides visokok level of quality and guaranteed thermal power.

Production of pellets which can be realized in our factory is characterized by constant quality control , thanks to the long tradition of producing materials of chopped wood and laboratory analyzes are realized continuously several times during each shift . Reliability is determined by the quality and state of the art method of drying materials and ensuring minimum humidity below 8 % (6.30 %) to customers pellet guarantee reliability of their boilers. Selection of Species in pellet production provides maximum calorific power ( min 4650 kcal ) with minimal ash content (0.92 % ) . Recipe Species by content of lignin , as the holder of thermal power due to the presence of carbon, the main task of technologists in our factory .

Pellets produced in our factory is tested in one of the leading accredited laboratories CATAS - in and features place it at the top of its quality .







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