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Spektar primeneBuilding insulation ISB board has a certificate of conformity of quality technical grade P5. The terms and conditions that comply with the standards of the manufacturer guarantee for the properties defined in the certificate of conformity of quality. 

Building insulation ISB board is vlagootporna plate made ​​odd carefully selected natural materials with improved physical and mechanical properties. The plate was produced in the E1 class, and is intended for use in construction as insulation and structural element or as part of combination with other materials. 

Benefits ISB board: 

● Good physical and mechanical properties in all directions
● Moisture proof plate for the application in conditions of increased moistur
● No additional processing of the color and beautiful
● Attractive natural wood


Range of applications: 

● Refurbishment of old floors

● As a supporting element of the roof structure

● For lining the attic

● For all types of wall coverings

● For all types of ceiling coverings

● To create a billboard monzažnih house

● For floor and wall coverings residence containers

● In shipbuilding furnishing

● Formwork Construction

● Creating a palette

● For all types of packaging crates

● In all places with increased moisture






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