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Špik Iverica Ltd                               Fantoni Group

Plywood Industry

Backed by the over thirty years of experience in plywood production and supported by  significant investments provided by large international company, Spik Iverica is a complete and innovative reality in the production of chipboard. Located in Ivanjica, Serbia, the company covers an area of  112.000 square metres, with the projected annual production of approximately 150.000 cubic metres of raw chipboard  along with the production of melamine faced panels .

Unique reality in the field of plywood. The company Fantoni Group , a leader on the international market  in the production of  chipboard and MDF panels, melamine flooring, sound absorption panels and office furniture, in 2006. has acquired Špik Iverica ,together with another two companies,one specialized in the processing of semi-raw wood, Špik Napredak , while the other ,Spik Morava ,deals with transport services for intracompany activities .

Today, Špik Iverica represent a unique reality, ready to meet the growing demand for chipboard on the domestic and East European market and committed to deliver exceptional technology with the best features through a focus on continious research work and high quality guaranteed by Fantoni Group .







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